11—Transition to Complex Airplanes

Table of Contents
High Performance and Complex Airplanes
Wing Flaps
    Function of Flaps
    Flap Effectiveness
    Operational Procedures
Controllable-Pitch Propeller
    Constant-Speed Propeller
    Takeoff, Climb, and Cruise
    Blade Angle Control
    Governing Range
    Constant-Speed Propeller Operation
    Ground Boosting vs. Altitude Turbocharging
    Operating Characteristics
    Heat Management
    Turbocharger Failure
        Overboost Condition
        Low Manifold Pressure
Retractable Landing Gear
    Landing Gear Systems
    Controls and Position Indicators
    Landing Gear Safety Devices
    Emergency Gear Extension Systems
    Operational Procedures PreFlight
        Takeoff and Climb
        Approach and Landing
Transition Training


Transition to a complex airplane or a high performance airplane should be accomplished through a structured course of training administered by a competent and qualified flight instructor. The training should be accomplished in accordance with a ground and flight training syllabus. [Figure 11-12]

This sample syllabus for transition training is to be considered flexible. The arrangement of the subject matter may be changed and the emphasis may be shifted to fit the qualifications of the transitioning pilot, the airplane involved, and the circumstances of the training situation, provided the prescribed proficiency standards are achieved. These standards are contained in the practical test standards appropriate for the certificate that the transitioning pilot holds or is working towards.

The training times indicated in the syllabus are based on the capabilities of a pilot who is currently active and fully meets the present requirements for the issuance of at least a private pilot certificate. The time periods may be reduced for pilots with higher qualifications or increased for pilots who do not meet the current certification requirements or who have had little recent flight experience.

Figure 11-12. Transition training syllabus.

Figure 11-12. Transition training syllabus.


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