Chapter 15-Transition to Jet Powered Airplanes

Table of Contents
Jet Engine Basics
Operating the Jet Engine
Jet Engine Ignition
Continuous Ignition
Fuel Heaters
Setting Power
Thrust to Thrust Lever Relationship
Variation of Thrust with RPM
Slow Acceleration of the Jet Engine
Jet Engine Efficiency
Absence of Propeller Effect
Absence of Propeller Slipstream
Absence of Propeller Drag
Speed Margins
Recovery from Overspeed Conditions
Mach Buffet Boundaries
Low Speed Flight
Drag Devices
Thrust Reversers
Pilot Sensations in Jet Flying
Jet Airplane Takeoff and Climb
Pre-Takeoff Procedures
Takeoff Roll
Rotation and Lift-Off
Initial Climb
Jet Airplane Approach and Landing
Landing Requirements
Landing Speeds
Significant Differences
The Stabilized Approach
Approach Speed
Glidepath Control
The Flare
Touchdown and Rollout



The FAA landing field length requirements for jet airplanes are specified in 14 CFR part 25. It defines the minimum field length (and therefore minimum margins) that can be scheduled. The regulation describes the landing profile as the distance required from a point 50 feet above the runway threshold, through the flare to touchdown, and then stopping using the maximum stopping capability on a dry runway surface. The actual demonstrated distance is increased by 67 percent and published in the FAA- approved Airplane Flight Manual as the FAR dry runway landing distance. [Figure 15-22] For wet runways, the FAR dry runway distance is increased by an additional 15 percent. Thus the minimum dry runway field length will be 1.67 times the actual minimum air and ground distance needed and the wet runway minimum landing field length will be 1.92 times the minimum dry air and ground distance needed.

Figure 15-22. FAR landing field length required.

Figure 15-22. FAR landing field length required.

Certified landing field length requirements are computed for the stop made with speed brakes deployed and maximum wheel braking. Reverse thrust is not used in establishing the certified FAR landing distances. However, reversers should definitely be used in service.

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